Magis theatre company presents...
o        c      c        u        p       y               o        l       y        m           p        u        s       :  
based on ‘Plutus, god of Wealth’ by Aristophanes

Long live the Movement! Magis is proud of our participation in last year's 2013 New York International Fringe Festival!!! performing to sold out houses and garnering enthusiasm from the press...


Based on Aristophanes classic ‘Plutus, God of Wealth,’ crtics have described ‘Occupy Olympus,’ as "...theatrical greatness," "...fringe theatre at its best," and "...thought provoking and innovative.  With original music from award-winner Elizabeth Swados, "Occuypy Olympus" is a wild romp through the financial crises of yesterday and today, complete with blind gods beggin’, blues music wailin’, and fiscal cliffs loomin' as we take on Zeus and the Olympian 1%!


Join the movement and re-finance a 2500 year-old crisis, as first highlighted by the great comedian and political commentariat Aristophanes.  Magis Theatre continues the fight and takes up the charge with this fun and fascinating musical comedy. Played to sold-out houses August 9th - 25th, 2013 in Downtown NYC, we're ready to take it to your school, theatre, or political ralley!  Check back as we uplod pictures and scroll down for our press.  For info about our company, visit our website at, and for progress on our process creating this show, check out our blog.  We'd love to hear from you!


"English playwright Mark Ravenhill ... taking his contemporaries to task for accommodating themselves to the political and economic culture responsible for the global financial crisis... would be heartened by the Magis Theatre Company of New York, developing a show that seems to offer a precise example of the kind of vision he is calling for." - A.C. Lee NY Times


"I was completely swept away and in the end, I felt like maybe I don't have to think 'well, that's just the way it is'. I felt instead like there is hope for change...This is fringe theatre at its best." - Richard Hinojosa


"I could go on and on about how spectacular the cast is. Each and every one is so unique and skilled in their craft, making their performance truly a treat to is the epitome of a good work of informative, thought provoking art..." - Jervelle Fredericks, Usher Nonsense

Thank you Fringe NYC!

for our sold out run August 9-25th, 2013

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